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Christina Ann McNichol born

September11, 1962

Kristy Husband

Martie Alle

Kristy Net Worth

$4 Millio

Kristy Fast show

TV SHOW∙JAN 14, 1952


Kristy brothers,

Jimmy and Thomas.



she was a teen idol going back into the mid 70s you lookin if you were to turn on any channel it’d be  McNichol she was the all-american girl apple-pie a two-time Emmy winning actress she had success in commercial she had successful television success in movies all my fancy

Kristy McNichol lastet news

A person from another world it seems but I really wanted to see just a normal kid same as them and ultimately a survival when things fell apart they fell apart spectacularly in the public eye you go downhill we lose everything nothing good it feels like my head

is bleeding inside it was startling I think people still to this day are wondering where is she what happened why did it happen in the summer of 1977 at just 14 years old  McNichol was nominated for an Emmy Award she had captured the hearts of the nation with her role as buddy Lawrence the spunky tomboy on the ABC hit television series family


I bet if you went back and asked hundreds of people what they remember about family they would say buddy that’s how I remember buddy she just was a magical young woman she had Stardust on her you can’t teach that and you can’t learn that and she had that van on the night of her 15th birthday  McNichol won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama beating out such veteran performers as Lee Meriwether of Barnaby Jones and Ellen Corby of the Waltons


it was both a stunning and an emotional win my mom she was she was overwhelmed she was a kid and we didn’t expect to win any awards we never thought that family would ever receive the recognition that it should receive she was the youngest one to ever win Best Supporting Actress at that time

I think if you ask anybody in the business they will tell you she’s one of the best that they’ve ever worked with she was a remarkable young actress she really was

I don’t think she had much formal training if any with that Emmy Award  McNichol became both a respected dramatic actress and a teen idol if you were to turn on any channel it’d be  McNichol she was every where Kristy was the if her old 70s people loved she wasn’t a some she was a teen idols because she was so real she was.

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the all-american girl apple pie well everybody sees all my fancy a a person from another world

it seems but I really want them to see just a normal kid same as them her fan mail started arriving in huge sacks there were so many letters she had to hire additionally staff to answer the mail with form letters and machine’s signed photographs kids really did relate to her and she would get maybe 5000 fan letters a week and they weren’t just you know we love your dress these were fan letters from kids who were pouring out their heart to her about what was going on with them because they could relate to her in her character even stars like Brad Pitt and George Clooney would admit later to Access Hollywood that when they were young they had childhood crushes on it yeah I couldn’t figure her out of

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I saw her daughter is you know she’s mr. you can’t mister she has these big brown eyes that just kind of sucked in and she had a charisma about her that you can’t teach you either have it or you don’t have

it in this industry from the beginning of her career she had success she had success in commercials she had success on television success in movies Kristy  had it all at a very young age fame success money and talent if you could imagine the struggles that lay ahead her image at the time

kristy mcnichol
Its not dryhost Buy image

was that she was an excellent actress fragile interesting had a lot of depth she seems so different from all the other teenage on television what happened after family was unfortunate

I think if she had gone on a different road or have been helped along a different road she would have won even greater acclaim because she had all the challenges she had the normal ups and downs but what was happening was if you looked at a church he was going up up up up and increments and suddenly just at the height of her career where was she everything in her life seemed to go wrong

Kristy Mcnichol birthday

Kristy Mcnichol began her life as Christina & MacNichol in Los Angeles where she was born on September 11th 1962

Kristy Mcnichol father

her father was a carpenter and her mom was actually an aspiring actress and her parents divorces when she was only three years old at the age of 22 mom Carolyn McNichol had the responsibility of taking care of three small children Jimmy only 14 months older than Kristy and their younger brother Tommy what Carolyn decided was to keep Kristie and Jimmy she sent Tommy away to go live with their grandmother but she was really facing was a lot of financial

difficulties and it was only feasible for her to be taking care of two of them growing up Kristie reportedly didn’t see much of her father except on special occasions birthdays Thanks giving or Christmas she didn’t have a father figure but she had a mom that was constantly there for her this was the greatest influenced in her life Carolyn was a pretty struggling actress who worked as a secretary

the renowned talent agency William Morris she wanted to be in show business she was intact and she’d go on auditions and a lot of the times she had to bring the kids along with her and so they just kind of watched and served at a very young age and then they saw their children doing what I did and then they wanted to do what I did suddenly the casting directors were much more interested in Christie than they were in her mother

so the mother put her in commercials Carolyn encouraged Christie and Jimmy to perform a pastime captured on these home movies she realized she could parlay her children’s natural talent and love of acting into potential financial security for the whole family she gave up her acting career and went to work full-time as Jimmy and Christie’s business manager Christie went to her first audition and the Kraft cheese people asked all the little girls what did they have for lunch and one girl said ham sandwich and another girl said peanut butter and what is Christie say even though she doesn’t like cheese she says

I had a cheese sandwich Christie made commercials from bet on selling everything from hostess Twinkies to McDonald’s hamburgers eventually appearing in over 50 commercial

it was Christie who had that star potential and she had that spark and she had to be a little trooper from the very beginning in 1973 at the age of 11 she got her first TV role on the popular love American style then a year later she landed her first series on Apple’s Way playing the role of precocious daughter Patricia Apple from 1974 to 1975 it wasn’t a series that lasted long but it was a series that put her on the map people saw her they noticed her she started popping up in guest roles on TV shows like

Starsky and Hutch the Bionic Woman and two ABC after-school specials she was like

the girl next door the girl on the bike the girl with the pony the girl who saved the deer Christie was cast as a vulnerable and almost feisty young girl that came from a days functional family she was essentially playing herself Christie and her mother were functional but also dysfunctional

the same time sometimes they’re more like sisters and mom and daughter but they have an extremely extremely close relationship all of a sudden when her career took off there was this role reversal and Christie even said you know what I feel like I’m the mom and you’re the child she didn’t have the most stable family life and

so much was thrust upon her she became the breadwinner for her whole family and when those things happen by the way

it often skews a family in a way that can never be or refix because the child becomes the parent because she’s the bread winner

it just turns a family upside down the pressures of her childhood drew Christie closer to her older brother Jimmy both off-camera and on from the start they acted in commercial together they both grow up in

the entertainment business in 1976 Christie and Jimmy starred together in an ABC after-school special entitled me and Dad new wife but Christie was steadily getting more job offers than her brother she was working all the time

I think in the worlds terms of going to regular school and making friends and going to the prom and hanging out with your friends at the football games she didn’t have that it would be years later that Christie’s lack of a normal childhood would come back to haunt her.

after starring in dozens of commercials and landing a starring role in the TV series Apple’s way young Kristy  had her sights set on furthering her career

it was 1973 and the producing team of Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg already had two hit shows on the air Starsky and Hutch and Charlie’s Angels one night Aaron and I were having dinner together and I said you know there is no show on television

that just deals with the everyday problems of a family nobody gets kidnapped nobody gets shot nobody gets raped wouldn’t it be nice to just do a show about a family and that’s how it all began from that evenings conversation the ABC series family followed the saga of

the Lawrence family at the age of 11 Kristy  audition for the part of the youngest daughter Letitia Lawrence the pubescent all-american tomboy nicknames buddy because Betty was such a popular characters the network was always pushing us to do more buddy shows and less

the other shows featuring the other characters she was this sort of wisp of a teenage girl with this kind of androgynous casing but she was so riveting in,

her performance to say to Thompson who was the queen of the American theater at that time said to me that she was the most naturally gifted untrained actress she had ever worked with Christie’s acting ability also caught the attention of actor and director Burt Reynolds in 1978 after watching her performances on family he cast her as his daughter in her first feature film

the end he once said that his only regret was that he couldn’t act with Christie Mcnichol every day of the year Christie was becoming so popular her mother Carol Lynn went to the show’s producers for more money Carolyn,

the archetype of a stage mom and she really watched out for what she thought was the best for her daughter and she wanted to make sure that her daughter was getting paid what she deserved Carolyn doubled Christie’s salary on family from $7,500 to $15,000 in episode that was a huge jump and that put her up with the top people in television

I know it’s hard to believe today but in those days that was a huge amount of money Carolyn invested Christie’s money in real estate buying up rental properties in the Los Angeles area she moved herself in the kids into a bigger family home with a swimming pool and tennis court in Tarzana California and there was always a demand for more and more money and I remember at one point

I called Christie and I said Christie we got to talk about this and I heard such pain in her voice because in the background

I heard people yelling you got to get more money you got to get more money you got to get more money to a 15 year old kid and she said I’m really sorry could we talk about this tomorrow the producers were so concerned Christie would leave the show to do other projects as Farrah Fawcett had done on Charlie’s Angels in the fourth season of family they cast Quinn Cummings as the Lawrences adopted daughter and Christie didn’t leave family but she was in demand everywhere going back into the mid 70s you look and if you were to turn on any channel it’d be Kristy  she had guest roles on the Bionic Woman she was on several episodes of Starsky and Hutch and she appeared


The Love Boat where she had her first onscreen kiss with Scott Baio there’s their first onscreen kiss but also these kids were dating off screen they’d already kissed each other before Kristi also briefly dated fellow child star leif Garrett who played her boyfriend on family you have a boyfriend yeah you but no not you one couple I see two I don’t get real heavy with you know boys I think I have a lot of time for that later that’s great that’s


very unusual for somebody your age I know but I’m real busy and I don’t think it’s fair to them Kristi was busy winning her second Emmy Award in 1979 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama for family she was also appearing on the Mike Douglas show the Carpenters Christmas special and ABC celebrity sports competitions


it was interesting because she was so athletic and you know once she beat Bruce Jenner skateboarding and she beat Robert Conrad kayaking one guy Christie never competed against was her older brother Jimmy he had been very successful in commercials but he wanted his own TV series to his dream came true when he landed


the role of Harry Baker on Little House on the Prairie in 1974 Jimmy McNichol was definitely being marketed as being the next David Cassidy there was a lot of hope in the 70s that he was gonna be the next big one but Jimmy was written out of the show because he fooled around too much on set in 1977 he got another chance when he landed a lead

the TV series the Fitzpa trick’s but the show only lasted one season finally in 1978 Jimmy became host of his own syndicated talk show Hollywood teen she was a teen idol he was a teen idol they recorded records together brother and sister issued a pop rock album entitled Christy and Jimmy McNichol which bubblegum din two Billboard’s top 100 and was launched by RCA at Manhattan’s studio 54 family ran for five seasons from 1976 to 1980 the year Christie turned 18 years old she grew up in front


the camera as buddy do you wish that you could grow up a little bit more privately sometimes but this is the career I chose and I and I love

it so much and I feel that the public is worth doing this for looking back Christie reported one of the most difficult aspects of her career was keeping up

the break speed pace and what she felt to be a lack of control she also felt the strain of taking care of her own family we knew the strain that was honor we we talked about

it where the show is one thing talking about a young girl’s life what could we do about it and she came to work she either was able to put it aside or she hid it very well with Christie any bending regrets as you’ve watched her grow up and become a star and work so successfully

I think she gave up a lot of her childhood and I do regret that .

I didn’t know that at the time no one knew just how much the stress of being a star would affect Christy she was hugely successful and then when things fell apart they fell apart spectacularly in the public eye in 1980 18 year-old  MacNichol boster starring role is buddy Lawrence when the TV series panel ended its five season run

I think everyone connected with the show I think she suffered the greatest loss when family ended because that basically was her family the people who are on the show and the people who did the show who were always very mindful of Christy and supportive of Christy as soon as she turned 18 you know she moved out which I didn’t want her

I think that she was too young Christy moved into her own four-bedroom home near West Hollywood People magazine reported that ina Liberace the niece of the famous pianist was her roommate rumors began to fly about their relationship Christy reported ina was a friend she said that she was not gay this is part of Hollywood

this is what happens he become famous and rumors come out about him as the rumors swirled about Christy’s real-life se**al orientation on camera she was eager to break out of her Tomboy image well a lot of people look at me

the all-american tomboy you know a girl well I’m all-american sure but I don’t know

kristy mcnichol fast movie Story

I was I was wanting to get out of the tomboy I’m casting I’m growing up so I’ve you know I’ve got to grow up on the screen too in the 1980 teen s**x movie little darlings Christy changed the way audience’s perceived her the little darlings opposite Tatum O’Neal the premise is that they bet each other who’s gonna lose their virginity first and Christy wins she loses her virginity to Matt Dillon she wasn’t a vamp she wasn’t Jodie Foster in taxi driver this was a really a very real look at women s**ual#ty make you nervous it’s

different than what I thought it was gonna be it was during the filming of little darlings that Christie became friendly with her hair stylist Giuseppe Franco a cover story in Us Magazine stated he was her live-in lover it stated that Christie McNichol shuts her tomboy image for a live-in lover

I don’t have a live-in lover does that being Christie McNichol would never boyfriend and girlfriends but we will always and always will be brother and sister little darlings made over 34 million dollars one of the year’s highest-grossing movies Christie was nominated for a Young Artist Award for best young actress in a motion picture in the early eighties film roles were rolling in film roles were rolling in she couldn’t make enough time to fit

All the movies and Plus appearances this has to be considered the year for young Christie McNichol only 18 years old Christie is now considered a million dollar property she’s landed a plum role in Neil Simon’s newest movie only when

I laugh there’s a lot of things in this script that that remind me of the way my mother and I are she’s a daughter taking care of Marsha Mason,

I think that this was a movie that allowed her to channel the hurt that she felt about taking care of a goodtime mother only when,

I laughed grossed over 25 million dollars and was 31st on the list of the 50 highest-grossing movies in 1981 Christie was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an actress in a supporting role Christie was the third highest paid actress in the industry all based on her talent in 1982 not yet out of her teens Christie McNichol was enjoying one of the most successful careers in Hollywood but her star status would soon take an unexpectedly plunge when she accepted

the leading role in the movie white dog a very controversial movie a very interesting movie in which you know America’s Sweetheart Christie McNichol plays someone who runs over a dog befriends it and then only belatedly discovers that the dog has been trained to attack African American word of the movies plotline offended so many people the studio yanked the film

it was not released in the United States when white dog was released in Europe who’s actually hailed by critics as being a think piece and Chrissy says that this is a movie that was actually anti racism Christie was hopeful that her next movie would be a hit in 1982 she starred in the pirate movie it’s different it’s really funny it’s uh it’s like nowadays 20th Century Fox poured money into this mega productions

it was the most expensive movie ever filmed in Australia Christie plays Mabel a character that falls asleep on an island and ends up on a pirate ship and she falls in love with teen heartthrob Christopher Atkins of Blue Lagoon Fame

Touche Touche some people have said is the worst movie ever made but they haven’t seen Ishtar or they wouldn’t say that the pirate movie bombed at the box office grossing just under 8 million dollars the pirate movie didn’t win an Oscar but it definitely was nominated for a lot of Razzies

it swept the Razzie Awards winning worst director and worst musical score Christie was nominated for worst actress however in recent years

it has been given an almost cult-like status the pattern that Christie found herself with her career in the reviews was that oftentimes her talent was just so much better than the movies she chose

I was disappointed in whether they were her choices for someone else’s choices nonetheless that’s the path she went on soon after the pirate movie Christie’s personal and professional life fell apart you know one minute you can be very successful and a couple years later everyone goes through a point where sometimes they’re not doing as well as when they were and that’s kind scary in a way cuz you don’t ever want to think is stopping big stars kill themselves the whole thing

I mean you get it all into it and you don’t you know you go downhill and you lose everything or something and they want to just jump off the deep end in the fall of 1982 Kristy had just turned 20 years old she was one of the highest-paid female stars commanding 1.6 million dollars per film but she was feeling

the pressure her last few movies had been box-office disappoint ments she’s coming off a string of flops she’s already worried about keeping her career and how much she’s sacrificed for it she has put her entire life at this point into this career of being a child and then a teen star and now she was set to star


the light romance film just the way you are she didn’t want to do the movie probably ill-advised pushed into doing the movie and on the first day of shooting we’re driving to the centricity so I can’t remember my lines at all Kristy had a photographic memory she could read a script once and never have to pick it up again basically she couldn’t remember her lines so he had to put him on cards so she could read them and so we obviously knew there was a problem


I said you’ll be okay it’ll be fine you’ll be okay we went on like that for a little bit in the movie Kristy plays susan beranger a crippled woman who has had to wear a leg brace since childhood while vacationing in France she convinces a doctor to put a cast over her brace in order to hide her deformity

so it would appear to be a skiing accident and therefore she could go to parties and not being treated in a way a different way than just normally and I thought this was a really good role for Chris don’t you see if you help me with this


I can be like a lot of other people there and that’s why this was such a good idea but it’s just not sounding so good right now alright I’m finished you can talk now Christie had always coped


the demands of being a star and was praised as a pro but as filming continued she became increasingly anxiously and depressed


the headaches started happening and things were not feeling right for her she started to have these symptoms where she thought you know she had blood in her brain or there was just rushing in her brain nothing good it feels like my head is bleeding inside Christie said she felt totally out of control she lost her appetite and complained of terrible nightmares she would wake up sobbing in the morning and she had no idea it was wrong with her and it’s you know I don’t know that’s the worst during the film’s Christmas hiatus with only 17 days left to go of filming Christie announced she could not continue and quit the movie


the movie my concern is what’s wrong with my Creek rate what’s wrong Christie was examines by doctors at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles

the cat scans revealed absolutely nothing her brain was not bleeding the doctors finally arrived at a diagnosis Christie was suffering from manic depression otherwise known as bipolar disorder bipolar affective disorder is a condition which is characterized by


two different types of episode the person suffers from depressive episodes in which they have low mood they don’t enjoy things they have trouble sleeping they have changes in their appetite in addition the person who’s bipolar will also have episodes where they have elevated mood either manic or hypomanic episodes is there any flaw is there anything you’d like to change about yourself to not be so energetic sometimes because I can’t sit still sometimes very long


I’m very energetic person sometimes I wait crazy they had to give her lithium that took the highs and lows out of her personality to give her kind of balance one of the things that’s very very difficult to control in bipolar disorder


the depression unresolved questions Christie had begun asking herself had plunged her into a deep depression she kept her illness quiet and did not speak about


it to the media later she reported she was having a delayed reaction to

the high-pressure years of child stardom and as she started to talk to a psychiatrist the hurt and pain from her early life from keeping it together for so very long started to come out

I think it really does catch up some kids are lucky but almost 90% of the kids who start in show business early either have severe problems or end up leaving the more stress a person has when they’re growing up the more difficulties they encounter

the more vulnerable they’ll be to showing the symptoms coming from a broken home not having a childhood all the ups and downs of her career and not feeling in control of her life Christie reported to People magazine all of that is enough to make you crack it is possible that if she had not been exposed to any stressors she would not have manifested the disease it’s impossible to know the official studio explanation for why Christie walked off the movie was that she was suffering from a chemical imbalance reports in People magazine alluded to rumors she was a drug addict or an alcoholic same thing Lindsey different error except Chris doesn’t do drugs no matter what anybody tells you she never never drank never did pills


it was more difficult in the early eighties for an actor to admit that they suffered from any kind of a problem because that would have been a terrible stigma nowadays it’s almost

I want to have that too you know I’m an alcoholic in addition to being depressed did you know that

I mean nowadays people like Carrie Fisher is so out in the open bipolar is something that people accept today with medical supervision and the support of her family Christy began a slow recovery it was startling

I think people still to this day are wondering where is she what happened why did it happen and why couldn’t she come back from it by the age of 20 Christy MacNichol was already a film and television star but in 1982 her career came to an abrupt halt after she quit the movie just

the way you are she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder she spent the rest of the year getting the right balance of medication and learning how to live with her devastating illness her brother Jimmy moved in with her to provide support you got a lot of attention that was last year when you took a year or so or say an extended period of time off from your career to help out your sister what made you decide to do it and what help did you think you could be to her I think anybody

my situation would have basically done the same thing because when something happens to a family member

I think if you’re really close that that just becomes an automatic instinct to to it you know attend and to be there for him like his sister Jimmy McNichols career had had its highs and lows he was a successful TV actor in the 1970s but Jimmy made what he would later call some unwise career choices when he agreed to be in such box-office bombs as escape from El Diablo and smokey bites the dust while Jimmy was taking time to take care of his sister Christie his career was languishing as well in 1983 a year after her sudden departure from the film Christie went back and finished just the way you are how are the producers going to view Christie McNichol when they decide should we choose her for a movie did you have any fears about that and I did any problems


I did have fears about that leaving a movie not finishing it and not only did I want to finish it I wanted to especially finish it because of that reason of getting a bad reputation


so I finished it Christie’s next move shocked her fans and the media she decided to leave the stress of Hollywood and enrolled in the California College of hair design working briefly with her former hair stylist Giuseppe Franco in his Beverly Hills salon a lot of people thought that this is a pretty bizarre turn for such a successful actress to do it’s almost like Pamela Anderson becoming a mechanic or something you have to understand that Chris because she worked all of her childhood never had the opportunity to go through college and think what do I want to do with my life Christie also became a real estate appraiser she said she’d like the work because she could be her own boss she could have been a chef here’s the thing you made a hat being a head that was a time where Chris


was thinking am i working too much you know do I need some time to myself it was at that time in her life where she started really becoming clearer about the fact that she maybe wanted more personal time for herself but to people in Hollywood she seemed to be committing career suicide she lived life for a little bit you know so she was ready to work you know what she took control now


I make the decisions Christie made the decision to go back to making movies starring in the 1986 film dream lover because she admired the work of its director Alan Palika it’s a heavy film it’s nothing like anything I’ve ever done it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done it’s a psychological thriller okay and it was it dealt with a lot of things that were just mind-blowing the reviews for dream lover were scathing to say the least one reviewer from TV Guide called the film laughable and astonishing in its an aptitude it also stated that although Christie was a good actress she was given nothing to do what she did is she went from the a-list into some kind of you know mid world where you didn’t really know where she was maybe she popped up here and there she was acting but she was acting very sporadically she was making very specific choices about her career and what she wanted to do in 1988 at the age of 26 Christie decided to try something she had never done before she took on the challenge of being in front of a live audience on a weekly sitcom called empty-nest she walked into a form


that was totally new that was comedy that was sitcom in front of 200 people once a week and the amount of pressure to learn 45 pages of dialogue and know which jokes when to hit the jokes no you’re blocking and not forget a thing in front of 200 people is staggering Christie played officer Barbara Weston and greases Dinah Manoff played her sister Carol after finding



it hard to make it on their own both women have come back home to live with their widowed pediatrician father played by Richard Mulligan one of the biggest surprises for me regarding

the acting abilities of the cast was Kristy McNichol coming from the world of drama that doesn’t always translate well to,


the comedic form and after the first week or two It was as if she’d been doing it her whole life she just had that chameleon ability maybe this will calm her down look Bob bred not like that you have to test

it first to see if it’s the right temperatures Christie came from just a natural place and she let the words themselves and the attitudes themselves be funny rather than leaning into the joke as we say or trying to hit the joke and that would be funny which was very refreshing NBC’s empty-nest drew a 31% share in the ratings Christie was once again a hit with critics and audiences like in the eyes of the media Christie McNichol had success in staging a comeback but she was about to stage a staggering disappearing act if you’re sitting around at dinner and you say you know Christie McNichol people say

know where is she what ever happened to her in many ways Christie McNichol ‘he’s career had been like a rollercoaster ride after receiving

so much critical acclaim as a teenager it looked like her career was over at the age of 20 after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder from then on Christie chose to be in fewer and fewer projects until

the age of 26 she made her comeback on the hit NBC sitcom empty nest but not all of her fans welcomed her there was a time where we had to have extra security


onstage because there were threats on her life she had a terrible run of some sick individuals that wanted to talk her chase her meet her Christie’s stalkers were never caught or identified by the police and yet through all of that she would show up at work and be ready to go and be Christie but behind that veneer there had to have been a tremendous amount of fear then on a vacation from taping the show in 1992 Christy had another big scare she


was scuba diving in Hawaii when her air tank ran out Christy was thirty feet below the surface she managed to swim to safety but she reported having a near-death experience


What that did is it made her really wait her life think about what was important what was necessary and what she didn’t want to do Christy was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her life back at work her co-workers noticed the change she did not look like the Christy that

I know and cared for so much she was very very pale and looked like she hadn’t slept in a long time

I know that something was weighing on her mind very very heavy six months after her scuba diving accident and after four years of playing Barbara Weston Christy announced in 1992 at the age of 30 that

she was walking away from empty nest she had a two-year guarantee for a huge amount of money that she walked away from a lot of people would have done that but then again that was Christy’s character you know

it really was about Chris wanting more time for Chris and getting to a point where she just was not happy with the pressure of the business and doing a regular series when she left the show she was very gracious about it and she just said that she didn’t want to have the pressure any more of doing the show which

we understood and we released her from her contract that was the beginning I think of the end of her career Christie retreated from Hollywood but this time she made

it clear to the media that she had been suffering from bipolar disorder Christie also stated she was tired of the stress and pressure of show business the truth of the matter is is

that most of the decisions that chris has made in her life in her career have almost very little to do with anything medical it has to do with her making a decision of what’s going on with her spiritually and emotionally what most people don’t recognise is when you get older and you become an ad#lt or has to be some price to pay for not having a normal progression in your childhood and


I think eventually that fame the work load having worked for 30 straight years just proved to be not what you wanted out of life Christie stayed out of the public eye until 1995 when she returned after

A two-year absence for the farewell episode of empty-nest

it was her way of saying that she still cares about all of us and it was actually very emotional having her return since her farewell performance on empty nest Christie McNichol has not appeared on camera Christie didn’t want to act let me take a little break let me do something


else she’s really vanished from the spotlight since 1995 she’s done voiceover work she did voiceover for invasion America which was a TV series animated she does a tremendous amount of work for charities and she loves working with charitable organisations that involve children cuz she’s a big kid one of Christie’s favorite charities is called ride-on which gives horseback riding lessons to children and adults with disabilities she has also worked with the help group which provides education and counseling for needy children she was


so careful about you know how she invested her money that she is in a position in her life today that she never has to work again Christie spends much of her time with friends and family to this day Christie and Jimmy are still very close and Jimmy is actually trying to rebuild himself in the entertainment industry a real passion of his is saving the environment working with environmental causes he’s married his children to this date Christie McNichol has not married and has not publicly confirmed any personal relationship since her youth she continues to decline any on-camera appearances or interviews


if the path she’s chosen is one that makes her happy she deserves to be happy because boy she she had a lot of unhappiness in her young life

I had hoped to see all kinds of terrific roles and performances from her because she had

it and then when she stopped it was sad considering everything Christie has been through growing up under the scrutiny of the public eye maybe it’s understandable why she wants to keep a little something for herself Chris keeps her life private and out of the public eye because

if you look so many the other child actors who haven’t the industry has unfortunately a tendency to kind of take that person’s life and just to turn it upside down it’s just part of the machine and what happens

with public relations in the business she had a gift that was god-given you could say it’s a waste of a gift maybe not not if that’s what doesn’t it make you happy this was a conscious choice that she made but who knows who’s gonna turn around


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