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Kim Jong Un biography / sister / 2021 / dead / age

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Kim Jong Un biography

 Kim Jong-Un has been the dictator and Supreme leader of North Korea since December 2011.

Despite the fact that he is often making headlines and the world, there is little known about him and his country.

Kim Jong-un is the third son of Kim Jong-il,and unlike his father and grandfather, his date of birth has not been officially confirmed.

It is generally thought to be January 8, 1983,but according to other source, he may be a year older or younger.

He is the son of Kim Jong-il’s third wife:Ko Yong-hui, a professional dancer who was born in Tsuruhashi and died in 2004 from cancer.

Kim Jong-un studied at a boarding school in bren Switzerland, using a false name. According to sources close to Kim during his upbringing, he enjoyed games such as Super Mario and Tetris, and started driving at ayoung age. It is also reported that by the age of 14,he was smoking and drinking heavily, and that Russian vodka was his drink of choice.

His other loves were the finest designer clothing,basketball and skiing.

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Though it is widely believed that he was amediocre student, the image of him in his home country was very different, with theregime claiming that he was a child genius.

From a young age, Kim Jong-un was preferred over his other siblings due to his behavior and lifestyle being almost similar to thatof his father, Kim Jong-il.

Kim Jong-un assumed power as the leader of North Korea in late2011, when his father died of a heart attack. .

The favorite son of Kim Jong-il, and grandsonof Kim Il-sung, founder of the country, he represents the third generation of the familythat has consolidated power since the Korean War of 1950-53.

Kim Jong Un father

kim jong un

He was named as his father’s successor in2008 or 2009, and it is thought that his oldest brother, Kim Jong-nam, had been rejected afterall ing out of favour for attempting to enter Japan with a fake passport.

The second son, Kim Jong-chol, was not properly considered for the role, despite working in close contact with his father. Once named as the successor, the regime beganto promote his image in the country, making him a four-star general in the National Defense commission in October 2010, and making him a member of the Central Military Committeeof the Workers Party, which was essential for his ascent to power.

According to a state media announcements in2012, Kim is married to Comrade Ri Sol-ju.

Apart from her name and some photos with her husband, there is no official information about her.

It is believed that Comrade Ri hails froma high profile family, and it is thought that the couple have three children.

Kim has proved merciless to his adversariesand has purged a number of party officials.

In December 2013, he executed his uncle, Jang Song-taek, alleging that he was planning a coup.

It is also believed that Kim had instructed the murder of Kim Jong-nam, his exiled half-brother, in February 2017 at Kuala Lumpur International airport. His untimely replacement of defence chiefshas been observed by analysts as evidence of his distrust in parts of the country’sarmed forces.

There has also been much controversy regarding his health.

According to a group of South Korean doctors who studied the leader’s photos and videos, he may be suffering from chronic diabetes and other illnesses that have impacted others in the Kim family, including high blood pressure and heart problems.

In 2014, his disappearances from the North Korean media fueled tumors about his precarious state of health. After approximately forty days, he reappeared and was seen on state TV walking with a stick, which the authorities claimed was due to his ankle operation.

 More doubts about his health surfaced in April 2020, when he did not make any public appearances for three weeks. Some even claimed that he had died during a complex medical operation.

However, he did reappear on state TV on May 1st, at the official opening ceremony of a fertilizer factory.

During this disappearance, foreign analysts hypothesized that Kim’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, would be the next leader of the nation.

Yo-jong is a senior member of the Workers’ party of Korea, who came under the radar of the international community when she represented in at the Winter Olympics in South Korea in 2018.

Just like his father, Kim Jong-un’s obsession with nuclearisation continues. In April 2012, he gave his first public speech as leader, during which he claimed that the foundation of the revolutionary army liberated North Korea from Japanese colonialism, but the development of atomic weapons sheltered it from the “threats of imperialism”.

Nuclear power has been one of Kim Jong-un’ smaj or aims. Over the years, tests and missile launchers have caused tensions with other world leaders, including the US, Russia, their South Korea neighbours, and many others. In September 2017, North Korea was shaken by an earthquake generated by a hydrogen bomb test.

North and South Korea have always had a tender elation ship, with a continued military standoff and seasonal clashes. The conflict continues despite the end of the Cold War.

The increased pressure from the global community through out 2017 saw North and South Korea, as well as the US, indicating a promise of peace and denuclearization through a series of diplomatic meetings and summits.

At the beginning of 2018, Kim started to gradually make peace with South Korea, which began with the sending of a delegation led by his sister,Kim Yo-jong, to the Pyeong Winter Olympics. A week later, he announced the suspension of nuclear tests.

A historic summit between the two Koreas was held on April 27, 2018, during which Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in shook hands and started talks on denuclearization and peace between the two countries.

This was also the first time a North Korean leader set foot in South Korea, crossing the demilitarized zone that has separated the peninsula since the end of the Korean War in 1953. “A new story begins now,” Kim Jong-un wrote in the guest book at the Peace House, the summit site in the South Korean part of the order village of Panmu jomi.

The historic summit was followed by two morea few months later: the first was in May 2018, in the same border village, and second in September, in which the two leaders signed an agreement with “specific steps for denuclearization”,including the permanent closure of the Yong byon site.

 In November 2018, the two Koreas reached an agreement in which they expresses their interest in launching a joint candidacy to host the 2032 Olympics Games.

Nuclear power was also the focus of two other historic summits, where he met with the US President, Donald Trump.

The first was held on 12 June, 2018 in Singapore,and there were talks on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and lasting peace.

Despite the discussions, the meeting ended with out a signed declaration by the two sides.

Trump later said that North Korea wanted all sanctions lifted in exchange for closing the Yong tonight nuclear reactor, a proposal deemed University satisfactory by the United States. On June 30, 2019, Trump and Kim met once again.

This was a historic moment, as for the first-time, an American president stepped into North Korea.

The face-to face encounter took place in the village of Pannu jomi, in the so-called Joint Security Zone (JSA). It is a place where soldiers from North and South Korea are based just meters from one another.

The formal summit lasted an hour, and theis and North Korea agreed to resume deny clearing zation talks.

In April 2019, Kim met with Russian President,Vladimir Putin in the Russian city of Vladivostok, where the duo forged stronger ties as Puri offered to help the North Korea denucleari program. In June of the same year, Kim met with President xi Jinping of China in Pyongyang, where the two discussed diplomatic relations and partnership.

In April 2020, the Chinese government also sent a team of health experts to assist Kim during his ill health.

The Kim dynasty has ruled North Korea for over 70 years, during which time the country’s economy has continued to struggle due to its isolation ist policies.

Despite the gradual changes and willingness to begin discussions with the outside world, North Korea remains one of the most isolatedand secretive nations in the world, but there is hope that change may be on the horizon.

kim jong un sister

 Yet again, there are tumors of Kim Jong-un having fallen into a coma.

 Whether or not this is true is incredible to be verified,

since the entire country of North Korea is so shut off from the international community that it is basically impossible to get any reliable news from the North Koreangovernment’s inner circle.

One way or another, Kim Jong-un’s constant health struggles throw up the question of the Supreme Leader’s succession.

While only close observers of the situation North Korea have ever heard of Kim Yo-jong one year ago, she has been rumoured to be first in the succession ever since the previous tumors about Kim Jong-un’s coma or even his death. Even South Korean intelligence services – which are traditionally the single entity that has the best information about North Korea’sinner workings – confirmed these tumors.

This sentiment got even more fuel when Kim improving lu got pushed into the spotlight by North Korean TV and even officially got promoted to the post of First Vice Director of the United Front Department, which puts her in charge of the relations with South Korea.

This move drastically enhanced her power insider he North Korean government and put her into an ideal position to save her succession afterall possible death of Kim Jong-un.

But who exactly is Kim Yo-jong? Artical this to find out.

Oh and fun fact, similar to her brother, Sheldon went to a public school in Switzerland under a false name.

 Kim Yo-jong’s upbringing and her early life so that you better understand her character.

If this part does not interest you, you can feel free to skip to the next section. We will make sure to use the new section function for this Article

Kim Yo-Jong was born as the youngest child to former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his third wife, former dancer Ko Yong-hui.

While American sources insist that she was born on the 26th of September in 1989, according to South Korean sources she was born two years earlier on the same day.

As mentioned before, South Korean officials usually have the best sources for everything that happens inside North Korea – this means that she was probably born in 1987 and is now 32 years old. She spent most of her early childhood at hermother’s residence in Paying yang, growing up alongside her siblings.

As mentioned earlier, she actually went tothe Liebefeld  Steinhölzlip school in Bern, Switzerland, together with her brothuersfrom 1996 until 2000. During this time she leaned to speak fluent English and French, and it is believed that she developed a close relationship with her brother Kim Jong-un during that time.

After returning to Pyongyang, she completed a degree in computer science at Kim Il-sung University.

After finishing her studies, Kim got minor roles under her father until his death in December 2011.

She kept being rather invisible until Kimjong-un needed to undergo medical treatment for the first time in October 2014 – during that time, she reportedly took over state duties and was appointed as First Deputy Director of the party’s Propaganda and Agitation Department, putting her in charge of the Northkorean news apparatus.

This promotion shows that she apparently dida good job while his brother was hospitalized.

In this role, Kim has been said to be thedrivi get force behind the development of her brother’s cult of personality, modelled after that of their grandfather Kim Il-sung, who is basically seen as a god in North Korea.

I am not kidding – they literally teachin schools that he basically single-handedly beat the Japanese back in World War 2 andother myths.

If a North Korean ever questions this, hewill be subject to interrogation and torture and possibly be killed.

Anyway, Kim Yo-jong apparently did such a good job in her role as propaganda head that she officially got promoted to the Politburo in October 2017.

She then prominently visited South Korea to cheer for North Korean athletes during the 2018 Winter Olympics and was always at Kim Jong-un’s side during peace talks with South Korea and at the Singapore summit, where Kim Jum me with Trump.

In April 2020, when tumors about Kim Jong-un‘spending death came to light, she was widely accepted as his successor by most news reports and by social media. On the personal side, Kim Yo-jong is rumoured to be married to Choe Song since 2014.

Choe Song’s life is mostly secret, but heis rumoured to be a fellow alumnus of Kim Il-sung University and either a politician, or parrot the intelligence services, or both. The couple reportedly received a child in May 2015.

What about Kim Yo-jong’s psyche? To understand this, you first need to understand how North Korea’s system of rulership works.

The only thing that counts is strength. Should Kim Jong-un die, then different personsand factions would try to conquer the throne – just like in Game of Thrones.

 You don’t win the throne by being nice,but only by being cold as ice.

This is why Kim Jong-un executed his unclein 2013, shortly after ascending to the post of Supreme Leader.

To succeed, Kim would need to be even morebrutal than her brother Kim Jong-un after their fathers death, since his death was foreseeableand back then the succession had been carefully planned long before.

Furthermore, women are very rare in high positionsin North Korea due to its highly Confucian, male-dominated system – the old male politicaland military class would hesitate to be ruled by a woman and they would use every bit ofweakness to undermine her.

Only in 2018, Washington post said about herchance to ever become the North Korean leader “In a word, no.” A Russian who had been in contact with herroughly 10 years ago described her as “quick-witted and showing good leadership skills”.

In March, she called South Korea’s condemningof a North Korean military exercise “frightened dog barking”.

With all that is publicly known about herso far, commentators and specialists about the North Korean inner workings are sure thatshe would do everything necessary to keep the throne, should she decide to make a bidfor power after Kim Jong-un’s possible death.

She has shown political calculus, cold-bloodednessand she has risen through the ranks of the North Korean political theater in a recordspeed. We believe that unless for example her brotheror her uncle grab for power – which is very unlikely – she will become North Korea’snext Supreme Leader in case Kim Jong-un should die before his children come of age.

If she has an older brother, why does sheeven come into play for the succession? This topic is also kind of an extra and notreally needed, but we think that the inner workings of North Korea can be very interesting.

 In total, the previous North Korean leaderKim Jong-il had 5 children, out of which Kim Jong-un is the second-last born and Kim Yo-jongis the last born.

The oldest son, Kim Jong-nam, was widely seenas the next Korean leader until a funny thing happened in 2001.

Kim Jong-nam was arrested in Japan using afalse passport and then deported to China, where he said he was travelling to Japan tovisit Tokyo Disneyland – this incident caused embarrassment to his father and led to a lossof favor.

From 2003 on, he lived in different Asiancities until he was assassinated in February 2017.

It was later reported that he had been a CIAsource, which might have been the reason for his assassination.

The second born is a daughter called Kim Sul-song.

Not much is known about her, since she avoidspublic spotlight – she is thought to not have any political ambitions and she is apparentlyhappy in a background role. Kim Jong-il’s third born is Kim Jong-chol,who was born 3 years before Kim Jong-un and is still alive.

According to insiders, while he was plannedto succeed Kim Jong-il for a short time in 2003, he was quickly discarded because KimJong-il thought he was “no good because he is like a little girl”. According to another insider, he now livesa quiet life in Pyongyang, playing guitar in a band and not involving himself with politics.

He was also reportedly seen attending threedifferent Eric Clapton concerts abroad. Another possibility is their uncle Kim Pyong-il,who had been an ambassador in several Eastern European countries until 2019.

The younger brother of Kim Jong-il was reportedlyknown as a womanizer who threw raucous parties – the attendants of these parties wouldsometimes shout “long live Kim Pyong-il”.

When Kim Jong-il heard of this possible threatto the cult of personality surrounding their father, he snitched. This led to Kim Pyong-il falling out of favorand essentially being forced to live in exile as ambassador for 40 years.

At 66, Kim Pyong-il moved back to North Korea due to medical issues.

He is very unlikely to become the country’snext leader.

Due to this situation, Kim Yo-jong is the only viable successor to Kim-Jong un who is a direct relative.

Let us hope that if push comes to shove, therewon’t be anything crazy, like a new war between North and South Korea. A desperate leader could certainly do everythingin a bid to prove his or her strength.

kim jong un north korean

 the Supreme Leader of North Korea a country so secretive and shut off from the rest of the world it’s known as the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ chances are you’ve seen Kim make the news for launching missile tests or threatening the leaders of other countries but recently he made headlines for something unexpected he went missing for weeks no one saw him in public and the North Korean government said nothing about where he was

kim jong un die

it became massive international news and rumours started swirling Had Kim died?

Was he in a coma? Had he caught coronavirus ? but they weren’t the only questions ring asked if Kim’s no longer Supreme Leader What happens next? and would it be the end of North Korea as we know it?

I decided to get in touch with some people in the know to find out more about North Korea itself and what the future mighthold but first it’s important to ask why do we even care?

well it comes down to two words nuclear weapons North Korea is one of a handful of countries that has them &

when you pair that with a leader like Kim jong-un who isn’t afraid tothreaten other countries people like to keep an eye on also, there’s pretty much nowhere in the world quite like North Korea for example

the entire reason that people started tosuspect that Kim jong-un was missing is because he didn’t rock up to hisgrandfather’s birthday now that doesn’t really seem like a bigdeal but in North Korea the birthday of Kim Il-sung is arguably the mostimportant day on the calendar Kim Il-sung was the founder and first Supreme Leader of the country all the way back in the 40s when Korea was split-up after the end of World War 2 today, he holds the title of Eternal Presidentpresident even though he died in 1994 if that sounds strange it’s because it is North Korea is the only country in the world that is considered a ‘necrocracy’ which is basically when a government has a dead person in charge obviously it’s tough to make decisions when you’re dead so his son Kim Jong-il took over as Supreme Leader after he died and when Kim Jong-il died his son Kim Jong-un took over you see leadership in North Korea is all about the mythology andbloodline of

the Kim family these three are sort of viewed as gods in NorthKorea or at least that’s what the government wants the people to believe the people worship him because they know that if they challenge him they end up in a concentration camp or dead kids were told that Kim Il-sung knew what you were thinking so don’t think anything bad about him so kids were afraid to even think negative thoughts about Kim Il-sung growing up the North Korean people have been essentially brainwashed to believe that the regime is the source of allwisdom and success painting the Kim family as gods is one of the reasons why Kim Jong-un can just disappear say he is sick or has just had an operation experts reckon the North Korean government would rather keep their citizens in the dark than make him look weak or vulnerable

this mythology and worship is just one of the ways that North Korea keeps its citizens under extreme control North Korea is a brutal dictatorship with the world’s worst human rights record there’s no foreign media they can’t even watch mainlandChinese TV all they hear is this propaganda day after day they’re able to use surveillance to track what you’re doing informants to tell people what you’re up to through spies and so forth you’re not allowed to use the Internet no one is allowed out the only people that are allowed out are government officials and then they are closely watched so, if Kim jong-un was no longer Supreme Leader would it make life better for the people of North Korea let’s take a look at who may be next in line Kim Jong-un does have children but apparently they’re too young to be in the mix right now he also has two older brothers but they were already passed over for the top job when Kim Jong-il died as for what the future might hold for these two Kim Jong-nam was actually assassinated in Malaysia in 2017 and Kim Jong-chul apparently couldn’t really care lessabout politics he’s a real guitar fan he’s a bit of a rocker he’s popped up a few times over the years in London going to Eric Clapton concerts So, who does that leave? one of the names that’s been mentioned is Kim Jong-un’s uncle Kim Pyong-il most of his career he’s been out and about as a diplomat for North Korea he’s never really been seen as a successor he was passed over before and then exiled to Europe for diplomatic posts some people consider him a ‘dark horse’

if you want to go the family route I think if he was really meant for the job he would have gotten it before the other option and one experts agree is the most likely is Kim Jong-un’s younger sister Kim Yo-jong she’s already in power she’s number two in the political Olympus of North Korea she’s from what I understand extremely ambitious and somewhat ruthless she’s being groomed for something because she’s been at his side for the last few years but the problem is outsiders don’t know whether the North Koreans are cool with a female leader they don’t seem to be the most progressive types so they might still want a male leader if Kim Jong-un’s uncle or sister became

the new Supreme Leader would we see a less aggressive North Korea that’s more likely to cooperate with the outside world? according to the experts probably not I think it would be pretty much business as usual in order to get to the top you have to be ruthless in order to stay in the top you have to be even more ruthless you know Kim Jong-un had 500 or so of his distant relatives and key figures executed when he came to power so I think that there’s no guarantee that a change of leadership would necessarily bring a degree of moderation or reform to the system in North Korea there is another option that experts see as a possibility and that’s the military actually seizing control from the Kim family and that potentially could emerge as a very dangerous scenario where you actually have internal unrest even civil war with

the North Korean people caught inin the middle however some experts say a military coup and civil war is probably unlikely both the senior party officials and military top brass live a very comfortable life in North Korea they understand any instability any regime change would put them in danger let’s just say the military does find a way to take over and keep

kim jong sister

North Korea together you may think that the Kim family losing control would be a good thing but again it’s not that simple who’s to say that some general power-hungry general in the North Korean military is any better or wants to change the country any more they might even be more hawkish and want to do more missile tests crank up the nuclear program again so where does this leave us?

after weeks of intense debate and rumours about the future of the country in true North Korean fashion Kim Jong-un randomly re##peared at the opening of a fertiliser factory with a bit of a limp and no explanation as to where he’d been for now at least it looks like Kim’s position as Supreme Leader is safe but with no clear successor the future of North Korea is still a big question mark so for Australia

I guess the hope would be that whether it’s the Kim’s or the military or whoever keeps running the country that they gradually make reforms they gradually open the door a bit and try and normalise North Korea because otherwise it will always remain as this potential flashpoints in


the north-east Asia region

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